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Unit Inspection: SSU Close Combat Squad “Fakyeli”

Armed with shotguns, Molotovs, and a sulfur thrower the SSU Close Combat Squad aka the Fakyeli is dangerous to all land bound enemies at close range.  They are Soldier 2 (S2) with the ability to throw 24 dice worth of damage against other S2 and can even manage up to 6 dice that can cause up to 9 damage plus fire on Vehicle 7 (V7).  They only need to be within 6 inches to do so.  To help them get there, they have the Assault special ability. At a cost of 21 AP, they are well worth their cost for the amount of damage they can put out.

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Painting: Fakyeli Pre-wash

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Battle Report: 300 pt SSU Heavy Armor vs Allies Heavy Armor

The Armies:

SSU insignia

Red Command
Red Thunder x2 (I had to proxy a Red Storm as one of them)
The Fonvizin (blobbed Red Thunder)
Mao Zedong
Lavrentiy Beria
Red Fury
Ride of the Valkyries

Allies ensigna small

The Boss
Death Dealers
The Hammers
Tank Busters
Rhino (attached to Hammers)
Air Drop

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Battle Report: 200 pt SSU Koshka/Yana vs Axis Zombies/Wotan

The Armies:

The SiSSU insigniano-Soviet Union

Me,  Defense Platoon: Medvedi, Fakyeli, Frontoviki, Ohotniki, Natalya, Nabludatyel, Koshka with Grand’Ma, and Red Yana (piloting the Natalya)

The Aaxis_smallxis

Blutkreutz Platoon: Sturmpioniere, Braineaters, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Zombies x2, Sniper Team, Heavy Wotan (55 AP), Grenadier X (attached one the Zombie squads)

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What this blog is about: Dust Warfare


Last year I started a new hobby of playing board games.  I had been a table top role-playing game player for many years, but when it came to board games, I thought of only the ones most people think about: Risk, Sorry, Candyland, Clue and of course, Monopoly.  It wasn’t until a chance viewing of the Youtube news show The Young Turks that I learned that Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame was starting a new Youtube based show called Tabletop.  To say the least, I was fascinated by the idea of this and decided to see what this ‘modern’ board gaming thing was all about.  After all, my friendly local gaming (FLGS) store carried hundreds of them.

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