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Farewell Unit Forward

Unit Forward has sent out its last transmission.  Alex (aka Cannor) did a great job with is website Unit Forward which lasted over 2 years.  The site was dedicated to news as well as all things Dust Warfare out on the internet.  Alex and Unit Forward even weathered the rocky transition from Fantasy Flight Games over to Battlefront when others decided to close up shop. 

I am pretty sure many of the readers I get here at Clash at Zverograd are largely due to his posts of my articles.  I remember discussing with him the future of Dust Warfare and our own sites as the game with forward and neither of us were certain they would see activity in 2015.  I can’t say I blame him for closing up shop.  He seemed to be trying everything he could to get Dust more popular in his area going as far as trying to setup tournaments which has to be daunting in itself let alone with a game system that never gained much popularity and even that amount as waned considerably since last year.  I suspect he just couldn’t get the game going and the continue dwindling of content for Dust Warfare (mine included) just didn’t justify continuing to run a website dedicated to it.

I myself have considered taking a hiatus with the very real possibility of not ever writing another article for Clash at Zverograd.  For one, my group has switched over to Dust Battlefield,  Those in it who have played both say they like Battlefield more and I am really the only hold out for Warfare.  I have considered writing some stuff for Dust Battlefield, but honestly my heart is just not in it.  That, and I think there is part of my audience that don’t want to write on the subject anyway.  However, even without Dust Battlefield being the form of Dust I’m playing, I have been generally losing interest in adding content to Clash at Zverograd.  I only have a handful (twenty or so) of pre-Babylon units I haven’t inspected, and of those, I haven’t really used, played against, or even own.  I haven’t played a game of warfare since the beginning of the year as well so my knowledge is also becoming rusty (and replaced to some extent by the new rules). Additionally, when I started Clash at Zverograd I was living in a hotel room in Texas on an extended business trip with not a lot to do.  I have been back home for quite a while and don’t have the free time (or the time I want take away from other things I am doing) to write for Clash at Zverograd anymore. I am not saying that I’m closing up shop here just yet, but with the loss of Unit Forward I am also less passionate about continuing.

I still believe that Battlefront is good to their word and will continue to support Dust Warfare in addition to Dust Tactics.  I am sure that I will get to play Dust Warfare again (although possibly not in the gaming group I’m currently in) though it might be a few years down the road and I will basically have to relearn the system.  I hope to make use of my own blog for that.  I continue to maintain the idea that have multiple rules sets is a good thing as players can get the most use out of their models. 

What does the future hold for Dust, I don’t know if anyone knows.  I definitely don’t. Part of me thinks that the game had its chance and peaked.  Still, another part of me hopes that Dust just hasn’t been introduced to that many players or many miniature war games players what to continue with games certain to have player bases even if the rules aren’t all that great.  What I can say is Dust lost a great news source with closing of Unit Forward.  While I am a bit saddened the loss, I can understand some of the possible reasons why.  I hope for the best and wish good luck for Alex in whatever he decides to do next whether it be in gaming or life in general.


Unit Inspection: Allies Hero Action Jackson

The Allies Hero Major Clayborne Jackson  has the raw physical strength, power, and badassery to wield two 60W Phaser Guns which even with the power assist from the XM-18-22 armor most soldiers have some difficultly handling just one.  Action Jackson exemplifies the, “Lead from the Front.” creed of the British Army.  He will not order his men to do anything he wouldn’t attempt himself.  It is this demonstration of courage and honor than bred loyalty from those Major Jackson leads and fame from the British media who have dubbed him: “Action Jackson.”
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