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Dust Battlefield: My Nemesis SSU 125 pts Army List

This is an army list that that I just can’t seem to figure out a good counter to. I have played against it with minor deviations more times than any other.  I haven’t been able to come up with an effective counter despite knowing each component of it.  It is an very solid SSU army and my own personal nemesis in Dust Battlefield.

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Dust Battlefield: Allied Heavy Ranger Platoon


The tip of the spear that is the Allied attack force the Heavy Ranger Platoon move at speeds that can outpace the fasts of ground forces.  In addition to their amazing speed, the platoon is also quite heavily armed with more than enough firepower to engage the enemy all by themselves.

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Dust Battlefield Army List: Axis “The Scavengers” (125 pts)


This entry is a bit of a vanity post of my current favorite army list for Dust Battlefield.  However, I will also use it to go over some of my thinking behind my strategy.  The first this I need to say is my gaming group likes playing at 125 points which is pretty close to the same amount of units that you could get in Dust Warfare more or less.  I find the average falls somewhere around ten units.

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Dust Battlefield: Axis Grenadier Platoon

The Axis has some of the best trained, equipped, and most battle harden veterans of the war.  Still following the war doctrine of Blitzkrieg, these troops can quickly strike their opponents before they can form an adequate defense to the onslaught.  Their motto is, “Halten movng!

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Crossed Over 20,000 Views and State of CaZ

Weeks ago I crossed over 20,000 views.  I have been meaning to write this article to make mention of it.  I do want to tank everyone that still comes by an reads over the posts I have up.  I haven’t been active on Clash at Zverograd would be a bit of an understatement.  It is hard to choose between writing for this blog or spending some time on painting miniatures where I have largely got everything based coated but nothing is ‘done’.

That said, I do want to continue adding posts to the blog.  However, if I do, it will have to be concerning Dust Battlefield.  I haven’t played Dust Warfare since January of 2014. Not by choice, but my gaming group doesn’t want to play Warfare and I would rather get in game of Dust that not.  Additionally, my usual opponent is really good at Dust Battlefield.  He is undefeated.  While I don’t like Dust Battlefield as much, I do like a good game so I have studied Dust Battlefield more than I wanted to have a competitive game.  As of yet, I have come close defeating this opponent in some cases coming down to bad dice rolls.  I must also mention that I think I now have more games of Dust Battlefield played than Dust Warfare.

It is for all of these reasons that I don’t think I will be able to continue writing articles on Dust Warfare.  I know I would get confused on how things work, and I don’t think I would be able to give any meaningful assessments or advice.  I think it I was to play Warfare, I would make use of Clash at Zverograd to remember some of the strategies and tactics I have came up with.  What I take comfort in is that I did manage to get through most of the units available in my Dust Warfare Unit assessments.  I would have liked to get a few more done, but I am generally happy with the amount I covered.

As for new material, I don’t quite know how I want to proceed.  I don’t want to unit assessments like I have and I am considering maybe Platoon Assessments where I talk about each unit that can make up the unit in addition to the platoon.  I like that set up more, of course, that leaves many units without a mention.  I have also thought of just doing a overall unit assessment of all units available like I did for the Allies a while back.  I don’t cover any unit with much depth, but everything is covered.

I also have doubled down on Mantic’s Deadzone.  So expect some material on that as well. I can’t wait to finish getting the zombies halfway painted to try a solo game with them.  I wouldn’t mind doing faction assessments on them, but I don’t know how enlightening they would be.

I know long time fans of this site won’t be happy with the switch to Dust Battlefield from Dust Warfare.  I sure once I mentioned it you knew this day was probably coming.  I’m sorry, especially if you feel betrayed, but for the reasons mentioned above, I can’t write on Dust Warfare at the moment.  That was a big part of my hiatus.  I’m am too out of practice as well as playing a game very close rules-wise to accurately write on Dust Wayfarer anymore. Just like playing Dust Warfare again, I would like go back to writing on it, but I don’t know if that is ever going to happen.  All I can say is that my old articles will still be there. If Clash at Zverograd is going to see new material in Dust, it is going to have to be on Dust Battlefield.