Dust Warfare Batrep 150 Points Axis vs. SSU

I actually managed to get in a game of Dust Warfare for the first time in, well, a long time.  It was sort of weird playing it after playing Dust Battlefield.  It was sort strange to not start the game with the entire army off the table and not pass back and forth activations beyond Reactions that worked every time.  The biggest thing to readjust to was how though everything is.  Dust Warfare makes units feel like they have actual armor compared to Dust Battlefield.

Note: Sorry about the not pictures.  I forgot my camera and this game was over at my friend’s house.


The Lists:


Defense Platoon (150pts)
Command: Koshka with Grand’Ma 53
1st Section: Fakyeli 21+2 Grizzled Veterans
2nd Section: Frontoviki 20+2 Grizzled Veterans
3rd: Ohotniki 20+2 Grizzled Veterans
Support: Nadya 30



Sturmgrenadiere Platoon (150pts)
Command: Kommandotrupp 25
1st Section: Battle Grenadiers 17 +3 Panzer Killers
2nd Section: Battle Grenadiers 17+3 Panzer Killers
3rd Section: Recon Grenadiers 17+1 Rat Fighters
Command Support: Sniper Grenadiers 12+1 Rat Fighters
Support: Jagdgrenadiere 23 +1 Rat Fighters
Hero: Angela 30


The Battlefield:

The game took place within limited table space of basically 3’x4′ (half a table) where we treated the 3′ side as the “long” edge.  Since we were only playing a 150 point game.  The battlefield was also set up with super dense terrain with for buildings making an intersection in the center of the table with sand bags lining the streets beyond the buildings.  The sand bags were treated as open terrain and hard cover for Soldiers and difficult terrain and soft cover for Vehicles.  There were also a number of pine trees set up around the perimeter of the buildings in clumps of 3 to 5.


Battle Builder:

We went with a Battle Builder in the Hades book going for Symbolic Victory (2pts).  We set a Self Propelled Weapons Platform in the center of the intersection of the buildings as the objective.  Advancing Lines (?) or as I like to think of it as normal deployment.  And finally, None for Conditions.


Early Game:

Since this Batrep doesn’t have pictures I will be brief in my account of it.  I had set Grand’Ma marginally backed up with the Fakyeli on one flank and the Nadya with the Ohotniki on the other.    The density of terrain forced me to pick either of these lanes of head straight down the center street.    The Axis moved his Jagdgrendiere atop a one story building to counter the Nadya, his Recon Grenadiers on top of single story building (the only one not making up the center intersection) on the side with Grand’Ma, and Angela and the snipers on top of a two story building where she could see much of my side of battlefield.

The buildings on my side of the battlefield had no windows so I had move my Frontoviki and Fakyeli trough the windows to set up positions to hold the intersection or assault the enemy.  The Nadya combined its Sulfur Throwers to hit the Jagdgrenadiere at further range supported by the Ohotniki.  My initial plan was to force the Soldier 3 Weapon Team into retreat, but that proved a boondoggle as the would regroup just as I was starting to get 3 suppression tokens on them.  It did manage to make them less of a threat.

The Axis didn’t manage much damage on either my KV-47s.  However, if both first attacks managed to Blind both of them.  The even managed to strike a fuel tank on the Nadya which caught fire causing  a point of damage before the pilot put it out.  The Panzer Killers advanced up to the intersection where the tractor objective was on either side of the building either out of sight or range of my forces.  The Recon Grenadiers seeing that Grand’Ma wasn’t going to fall into their ambush rushed to the ground floor of the two story building that had Angela and the snipers on it.  They continued to be hit by Grand’ma’s Howitzer mostly causing suppression.

The Frontoviki took up position on the second floor of a building kitty-corner to the 2 story one that held the Recon Grenadiers and Angela and the Snipers on top.  Their Machine Guns working on the German long gun team while suffering some casualties of their own in retaliation.  The Fakyeli moved into a single floored building opposite to the Recon Grenadiers where they readied themselves to assault the Axis light machine gun team.


Late Game:

The Frontoviki managed to finish off the sniper Grenadiers but the Axis Force was insistent on keeping Angela alive moving the Kommandotrupp on top of the building to render medical aid.  Before the Fakyeli could make an Assault on the Recon Grenadiers they were attacked by them as well as a few troops from one of the Battle Grenadiers hidden in another building reducing them down to the Sergeant and Sulfur Thrower who with the help of Grand’Ma killed most of the Recon Grenadiers off before having the last man go into retreat.

The Nadya moved up to the tractor only to be attacked by both squads of Battle Grenadiers. The first squad took a major losses for the Nadya reacting with both jets.  However, the second unit of Panzer Killers finished off the KV-47 with ease.  In the last push the Grand’Ma spent and order to fire on the Komandotrupp, The Fakyeli setup an ambush if either of the Battle Grenadiers came around the corner of the building leaned against.  The Frontoviki unloaded into the full health Battle Grenadiers removing three of their number.  The Axis with the last turn of the game simply made sure all of their units were within 12″ of the objective.  Securing the victory.


After Actions:

I made a bunch of terrible moves.  Still thinking on how lethal Dust Battlefield is, I avoided marching straight down the street with my walkers.  The Axis weren’t really causing me much of an issue with their long ranged attacks.  Grand’Ma only had one damage and the Nadya had one because I didn’t put the fire out for a round.  It wasn’t until the Nadya was attacked by both squads of Panzer Killers that she went down and it was entirely possible then for her to survive (I only needed to save two points of damage to keeper her).

Another mistake I made was not reaction moving my Fakyeli when they were first attacked.  I completely forgot about the Panzer Killers were able to see/hit them and figure that I could weather an attack from the Recon Grenadiers since I was in hard cover.  Then I could have sent my assault troops across the street to light up the Axis light machine gun squad.

The Ohotniki didn’t really work out, but they never seem to anyways.  I knew I wouldn’t be able able to out snipe Angela but I wasted too much time on attacking the Jagdgrenadiere and redeploying them.  I was surprised I could get them close enough to the Objective to add their points.



SSU: This is a hard one, both the Fakyeli and the Frontoviki did a great job advancing and engaging the enemy.  The Fakyeli finished off the Recon Grenadiers despite some bad tactics and bad dice rolls.  I think I am going to go with the Frontoviki.  They Managed to hold their position and keep most of their troops despite being a pretty easy target to up to four enemy squads.


Axis: This one is more clear cut.  Angela and the Sniper Grenadiers dictated much of how the battle was going to go.  They severely reduced my combat effectiveness by blinding Grand’Ma and keeping many of my infantry units suppressed.  They also managed to soak a large amount of fire power and were never quite removed as Angela stayed on the battlefield the whole time.

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