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1:48 vs. 1:56 Scale

I wanted to post some comparative pictures of some stuff I have in both 1:48 scale as well as 1:56 scale.  Recently, I purchased the Bolt Action United States Starter.  I also have a few United States World War 2 tanks/tank destoryers in 1:48 scale from Tamiya.  Finally, I can post the difference in size between Dust Tactics and Bolt Actiom models.

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My Bolt Action United States Army WIP

This isn’t even all the troops for the starter. I still have 15+ to finish building. Note: the M10 is not included in the starter.

As previously covered a few articles back, I tried out a game of Bolt Action.  I find myself more an more interested in playing a fully historical game of World War II.  However, as a new-ish miniatures war game player and a tabletop role-playing game player through the 1990s (you know when many games had tables followed charts followed by diagrams for the sake of realism and complexity) I still don’t want something overly complicated.

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Bayonets and Brass Knuckles Brigade (Dust Battlefield 150 pt Allies List)

The Bayonets and Brass Knuckle Brigade are a platoon from the United States 7th Infantry who have seen action all over the Pacific and live the Division’s motto: Light, Silent, and Deadly. Led by the heroic Jackson “One-Eyed Jack” Hardcastle (often confused for Johnny “One-Eye” Coviello) the 20th Reinforced Ranger Company are experts in all-condition fighting from the coldest arctic weather to the steamiest, hottest jungles.  Each squad is trained to be completely self-sufficient and at the same time to work in concert with the rest of the company to force multiply its combined arms.

This article will cover my current Allies 150 Army as well as a number of tactics that I apply using this list for Dust Battlefield.  I will even go over the paint scheme of a rangers within it.

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Zverograd Two Player Campaign

A couple of weeks back by regular Dust Warfare opponent was talking about how he would prefer our games to have meaning beyond one side completely its objective at the end of the game with no bearing on anything else in terms of the larger war raging in 1947 in the alternate-history that is Dust.  He also would have liked there to be some sort of experience gained for surviving troops after a battle.  I told him about the campaign in the Operation Hades book had those things but it required at least 6 players to get it working properly and even then I had heard from other players that the campaign had a bunch of rough edges to it.  Continuing the conversation we talked about what we would like in a Dust Warfare campaign.  Later on I wrote some rules/modifications to the Hades campaign.  Here are those rules.

Note: this campaign requires the Operation Hades Campaign Book to play.

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Editorial: Weapon Ranges and Scale

This article is going to be a bit different than the usual unit or game review that I tend to write.  It will cover my preference for weapon range and model scale that I have found that I like in miniature war games.  For those interested, but not so interested to read the rest of this, I like 28mm to 1:48 scale with extremely shortened ranges (most weapons having a range under 36″ to 48″).  The rest of the article will go into this in more depth.

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Bolt Action First Impressions

I had the chance to play Warlord Games’ Bolt Action with the my usual Dust Warfare player.  A few weeks ago I picked up the main rulebook largely as reading material for a game I wasn’t fully sure I would actually play.  I figured that I had watched so many Youtube Bolt Action battle reports while painting I might as well pay something to Warlord Games for the entertainment.

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Dreadball Xtreme First Impressions

Instead of getting in my (mostly) weekly game of Dust Battlefield. I had the chance to play a game of Dreadball Xtreme.  As fan of Dreadball and someone who has written a couple of couple who written a couple articles on it already, I figure I might as well give my first impressions of this game.

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