Deadzone Mercenary Review: The Survivor

Before the outbreak, the Survivor had another name, Slobodan Chovyek.  Before the Plague, it was scientific technician.  That seems like a lifetime ago.  The Survivor has been infected with the Plague.  Unlike most victims, his body seems to have some resistance to the alien disease, though; he is not fully immune.  He wears a fully enclosed haz-suit to slow change even more in hopes of finding a cure.  Until then, he is neither Humanity nor Plague able to work with both to find the cure.

The Survivor is a decent Merc.  He is only fair in combat. He is fairly short ranged armed with both a Shotgun (and the Knockback special ability) and a pistol (for a little extra range).  It is his ability to cheat death that makes him impressive.  He have the best Survive stat I have seen in Deadzone.  Additionally, he has both a point of Armor and the Tough special ability making him harder to take down than the Reb Teraton or Plague Stage 2.  If that wasn’t enough, with the Resourceful special ability, he can make a single re-roll of one test to get himself out of a tight jam.  He does require more points than I could see a player wanting to spend at 14 points however.


The survivor is a kind of a one-trick pony being really good at not dying.  Which makes his value largely dependent on the type of mission you or your opponent takes.  He is going to take either a great deal of luck or attempts to bring down.  This means he is a tough bounty for kill missions.  He can also hold objectives like nobody’s business either earning you or prevent your opponent the points there.  He can also be really good at binding up an opponent’s heavy hitter by entering Close Combat where it is unlikely he will be killed by a single fighter.


Because of his ability to not die, the Survivor works great at holding objectives or preventing an opponent from collecting the points off an objective.  He is difficult to kill in close combat as well as Blazing Away.  Even shooting him requires a pretty sizable dice pool and some luck.

The Survivor also is great in binding up enemy Fighters as he can’t be easily defeated and even Breaking Away isn’t going to work every time.

The Survivor is not bad at Infiltration missions as he can usually take multiple hits.  Becuase he is armed with short ranged weapons it doesn’t seem too out of place for him to charge forward toward the opponent’s deployment zone.

The Survivor is okay as an Assassin.  He can get close to a Commander, but he doesn’t really have the combat power to easily deliver killing blows.


Asterians:  Because of this factions proclivity for Capture/Control and Infiltrate missions, the Survivor is an excellent choice for the normally fragile Asterians.  He also provides this faction with very good close combat shielding much like the Cypher Prime, but in many ways better.

Enforcers: The Survivor is a very good choice of a merc for this faction as their missions tend to lean toward Capture/Control.  Unlike the Enforcer Defender, the Survivor will keep Tough against a high AP unit.  This combined with an even better Survive makes him though to dislodge even in Close Combat.

Forge Fathers:  The Survivor is nearly as tough to kill as a Forge Guard but doesn’t suffer from Slow.  The Forge Fathers could use that to quickly take objectives or even make use of his speed to Scour.

Plague: The Survivor makes a good partner to Stage 2 units.  He is harder to kill and can use this shotgun to Knockdown targets before entering close combat.  Additionally, since he has a Shoot stat he can check crates for the fairly common grenade item to ruin your opponent’s day.  He also enter Close Combat first even against enemy Brawlers with little fear of death to help set up a bigger attack.

Rebs: He is good, not great in a Rebs Strike Team.  He can provide a much needed distraction to allow this faction to Scour or perhaps Infiltrate.  However, he needs to be able to get in the face of the enemy or else they will target to more easily killed units until forced to deal with him.


The Survivor is one of the more universally useful Mercenaries in Deadzone.  There isn’t a faction that can’t find a use for him, though; some factions will still find him more useful than others.  I think that is the mark of a good Merc.  Also, I find him to not be under or over powered which is uncommon for Mercs in Deadzone.

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