Dust Battlefield 150 Point Battle Report Allies vs. Axis

This battle report is more like our standard games at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacy Washington, U.S.A.  It was at our gaming group’s standard of 150 points.  However, once again it was a custom mission scenario.   I was playing the Allies this time around.  This was due to me painting another Allies player’s stuff and not wanting to lug several boxes of models to the gaming store in addition to my ever expanding terrain.


The Army Lists

Allies (Me)

Chef 5pts

Johnny One-Eye 10pts (Ranger Platoon)

The Boss 12pts (Ranger Platoon)

13 Foxtrot 3pts (Ranger Platoon)

Recon Boys 8pts (Ranger Platoon)

BBQ Squad 9pts (Ranger Platoon)

Bot Hunters 9pts (Ranger Platoon)

Death Dealers 9pts (Ranger Platoon)

Devil’s Own 12pts (I believe when my this list this unit was 11pts so I might be a point over)

Red Devils 11pts

Wildfire 7pts

Pounder 14pts

Rattler 16pts

Bulldog 25pts

This was a list made right up on the spot with few units I had to pick from.  It is fairly haphazardly designed, and I didn’t have much of an idea how I was going use it at the start of the game.  It is sort of strange how it has a recon scout feel to it in retrospect.  I had a decent selection of troops to pick from, but outside the Fireball/Punisher I had with me, all the vehicles in this list were all the ones I had.  I don’t think it is necessarily a bad list.  It probably could have used a little more anti-armor especially facing the Axis.


The Axis

Markus 9pts

Panzerprinz 14pts

Totenmeister 12pts

Axis Zombies x3 12pts

Sturmaffe 8pts

Braineaters x2 18pts

Heinrich 8pts

Wotan x2 40pts

“Sand Scorpion” 28pts I think it was a V6 armed with Loth Kampfzange Claws and the Blitz laser as well as the hull machine gun found in the Heavy Axis Walkers

My opponent built a custom model and created some rules to go with it.  I don’t really mind crazy stuff like. Plis it looks kinda neat so I had no issue with him fielding it.  I forgot the name he gave it, something along the lines of Sand Scorpion in German I think.


The Mission

Once again this was a custom scenario that I came up with.  It is roughly based on Drop Zone Commander missions or at least as much as I understand to be.

On top of each two-story (3 in total) building is valuable intelligence that each side needs to locate and move off their table edge.  Each player assigns a point value of 3,5 or 7 in secret to each piece of intelligence that their opponent would earn if that opponent manages to get it off the table.

To collect the intelligence, an infantry unit (since vehicles can’t climb buildings) needs to be on the same floor as the intelligence and within 4″ to search for it.  Searching is  special action (which can be accomplished multiple times per-activation similar to a Medic or Mechanic action) where the player rolls a single die. On a faction symbol result, the intelligence is located and carried by that infantry unit.  The intelligence can also be passed to other units by each unit being within 4″ and accepting unit taking a special transfer action.  Conversely, if the carrying unit is eliminated, a token representing the intelligence is placed roughly in the center of where the unit was.  It can be picked up by any non-aircraft unit within 4″ with a special pickup action.

To score the points the carrying unit must exit the table on the long table edge that the controlling player deployed from.  That unit cannot return to the game.  The point values of the intelligence is not revealed until the end of the game.  The player that manages to get the largest value of points of intelligence moved off the table wins.


Terrain Rules

The mission scenario is critical of vertical distance.  The rules I use for buildings and this mission are that Soldier units can move vertically both outside a building as well as inside.  Moving up a floor from outside a building requires 8″ of movement.  Moving up a floor from inside a building is 4″.  Units that are a floor higher gain cover from units a floor lower regardless of how much the model is showing.  Units at or below the same floor level must have 50% or more of the unit concealed to gain cover as per the normal rules. Going down floors doesn’t take any additional movement (rappelling is fast).

The vehicles on the roads count as difficult terrain to vehicles.  Tracked vehicles must make a bogging check if moving trough them.


The Table

The table was once again setup with pretty dense terrain, although; there was a surprisingly large amount of open lanes of fire to shoot across the table.  The table represents the fictional town of Progress, Alaska.  It is rumored that the town founder, a Dr. Yonkers, located a Vrill vault or at very least a VK deposit decades ago.  This would explain the wonder inventions this sort of mad scientist came up with back in the twenties which allowed the construction of modern buildings on the Alaskan frontier.  Each bloc has reason to believe that those rumors are in fact are true as special VK attuned Geiger counters have picked up trace signals of the mineral’s unique radiation signature.

Note: I am going to try a more narrative approach to this battle report trying to give it a more story quality rather than a blow-by-blow report of what happened.  Please let me know if you like this format better.


Round 1

End of Round 1

The Allied recon scout force sent its Rangers to, ‘Lead The Way” into the deserted town of Progress.  Commanded by Johnny “One-Eye” Coviello the recon, or recce as the British element of the force would say, needed to get in and get out as fast as they could.  A spy planted in the Axis Alaskan expeditionary forced warned ASOCOM intelligence that a Blutkreuz experimental weapon was on its way to the town supported by some of the worst horrors (both undead and primate) that vile division could muster.  With any luck, the Rangers and Brits could be in and out before the Axis even reached the ultra-modern frontier town.

At first, it seemed that the mission might just be a quick smash and grab job.  However, just as the first of the Rangers took position in and around the buildings of town outskirts, the first signs of the Axis walking dead appeared through the thick fog that filled the region.

“Great, Braineaters.” Johnny cursed as he ordered Rattler to take position and fire everything it had into the rotting Axis soldiers.

The Rattler poured its 40mm, .50 cal and even the hull mounted .30 cal into the dead men.  The retort was incredible, the bullets ripping into the flesh of the undead squad.  However, where flesh and blood men would fall, these zombie Grenadiers did not.  The storm of bullets torn apart uniforms and ripped apart the flesh of the Axis soldiers but seemed to have no effect on the already dead men.

Out from the dense fog behind the Braineaters an even more frighting sight emerged.  A Wotan rushed forward catching the Rattler off guard.  The Axis Heavy Walker main gun ablaze with wondrous flashes of green laser light that struck the hull of the Rattler squarely.  The Rattler pilot only just managed to leap to safety as the Wotan’s laser struck the Rattler’s large ammo storage exploding the walker from the inside out.

On the other side of town an even larger horde of zombies emerged.  This time led by the dreaded Totenmeister.  The Allies knew they needed to thin that horde if they were ever to stand a chance.  The Pounder strode into the alley between two tan buildings firing everything it had into the zombies, but just like the Rattler, its weapons seemed useless against the undead.  Also like the Rattler, the Pounder met its fate to a Wotan.  However, this Wotan was operated by a higher caliber pilot.  The movement graceful and weapon aim precise.  It could only be the Ace Panzerprinz at the controls.  The sparkling green lasers cut down the Pounder before the Allied Walker could dash completely into cover.  The medium combat walker a hulk of smoking ruin.

Sweeping in on the left flank of the Allies was an Axis Light Walker, a Heinrich.  The German scout walker dashed forward ahead of the rest of the Blutkreuz force with reckless abandon.  It blazed away at the Red Devils who had climbed on the small tan post office to act as a lookout and offer cover the Rangers as the moved across the street.  Even with the XM-18-22 assault armor they had, two of the paratroopers fell from the onslaught of the Heinrich’s 2cm Flak-Vierling guns.

Chef knew that if he could weaken or even kill Totenmeister, perhaps his comrades would have a chance. He revealing himself blowtorches in each hand.  Their flames powerful but unable to burn a swath like a flame thrower blazed toward Totenmeister.  Before Chef’s fire could reach her, a gang of Zombies came to her aid.  Chef burned 3 of them before reaching the Axis Mistress of the Dead.  His Blowtorches out of fire, Chef reached for his knives to face Totenmeister hand-to-hand.  His butcher’s knife struck deep into her flesh with an expert’s skill, but Totenmeister proved tougher to kill than a mere mortal.  She swung back her strange weapon consuming Chef in an eerie St. Elmo’s Fire leaving only ashes of his body.

The Rangers still had an ace up their sleeve.  The Bulldog heavy walker stomped out of the dense winter fog that surrounded Progress.  It trained its 180W Rapid-Fire at the Axis Ace’s Wotan and its .50 cal at the Heinrich.  The air ionized as hundreds of energy blasts erupted in a flurry from the barrels of the Bulldog leaving a trail of destruction.  Dozens of blasts struck the Wotan but the unpredictable weapon barely inflicted any more damage than slight metal fatigue.  Even the Heinrich’s limited armor was enough for the .50 cal.

Despite the early losses, the scout force was stalwart and resolute that the mission could be accomplished.  That was until the mechanical monstrosity appeared out of the mist like some horrible giant creature of nightmares.  It roughly looked like a scorpion.  It walked upon six insect-like legs.  Protruding from roughly the middle of it steel thorax was two giant claws that looked more than capable for lifting a car and cutting it half.  The thing had a sort of stout, curved scorpion tail.  Where a stinger would be was two powerful laser cannons.  The vehicle, if one could call it that, was huge.  It had the height of a Konigsluther and the footprint of a Fireball.


Allies Player assessment:  Things were not going well for me.  I had lost half of my vehicles to the Wotans both of which I really could have used to at least stall the Axis forces until I could get to the buildings where the intelligence was atop of.  I still had my Bulldog, but I would definitely need to get the first shot off and hope to shoot out Panzerprinz’s Wotan if I wanted to keep the armor I had left.  If I could do that, I could always use an Officer Recovery action to get back one of my medium combat walkers.


Round 2

End of Round 2

The Phaser barrels needed only seconds more to cool before firing as the Axis Ace Pilot swung his Wotan around to get a clear shot.  Taking Aim the ace lined up a sustained attack with the Wotan’s Dual ZW-Laserkanone cutting through the Bulldog’s armor like it was warm butter.  The Bulldog’s crew had no chance as brilliant green light lanced the vehicle with enough energy to destroy it three times over.

The BBQ Squad bolted for the center two-story building attempting to take refuge off the open street on the large rectangular building’s second floor.  What they didn’t count on was the Sturmaffe’s Flammfausts.  The gorillas climbed into the building and from the first floor they fire all 3 for the fiery rockets as the Allied assault squad incinerating them to a man.


Over in the other large two-story building, the Bot Hunters deployed the grappling hooks and ropes and climbed up to the second floor.  On the opposite of that building, a squad of Braineaters rushed through a broken window and up a set of stairs unaware of a the possible Ranger ambush that awaited.  The Boss gave the order to the Bot Hunters to strike at the Braineaters who shared their building.  The Bot Hunters fired everything they had: their rifles, the few UGLs the carried, even the Bazookas in a quick attack before retreated to the roof.  This time some of the dead Axis soldier fell and didn’t get back up.

Outside the other Wotan searched for its next target.  It found the last remaining armor of the Allied recon scout force, the Wildfire.  The lasers cut clean through the legs of the nimble walker reducing it to a pile of junk.  The Wotan’s machine gun found Johnny One and the 13 Foxtrot hiding in the woods just outside the town.  The bullets of the Wotan found their target severely wounding the Ranger hero.

On the opposite side of town the Devil’s Own sprinted to the small two-story building. There was nowhere to hide, but at least the building was strong enough to provide cover.  The British Kill Squad hoped that cover and their armor would be enough to get them to the roof to secure the intelligence.  From outside they they could hear the terrible rumbling and the horrible sound of metal on metal as the metal scorpion beast shambled closer.  Suddenly, the building was ablaze with green light.  The tail laser of the monster cut down two the commandos before they knew what happened. The last commando felt the hairs on the back on his neck stand up.  From behind him he could feel ground quake though much lighter than when the scorpion moved.  The Heinrich filled the first floor with flak.  There was no where to dodge.  The last of the Devil’s Own was ripped apart his armor unable to deflect the shear amount of of metal fired at him.

The mindless zombies ran at an unnatural pace.  They were rushed on by the mere presence of Totenmeister.  The Death Dealers crept up to the door and windows of the building they occupied.  If they were to make it across the street they would need to at very least deal with the Heinrich.  The squad fired all its UGLs and Bazooka at the exposed Heinrich.  The Death Dealer machine gunner even managed target some nearby Zombies.  Only light damage of one of the UGLs hit the Axis Light Walker and the machine gun ended not even a single zombie existance.

Things were becomomg desperate for the Allies.  The Recon Boys needed a better firing position to get all of their weapon on target of the approaching Zombie swarm.  They moved up to meet the undead foes head on their rifles, grenades, and machine gun tearing into the decayed flesh of their enemy.  Another squad of zombies charged forward rushed on my Totenmeister.  They slammed into the Recon Boys with their mighty Panzergloves bringing down 4 men of the Ranger squad.  Only the Machine Gunner remained.


Allied Player Assessment:  I was pretty sure I had lost at this point.  The Axis player fully controlled the center building, and I didn’t have enough units to try and take it back.  I still have a slim chance of getting the intelligence from the large building on my right side, but I would have to be very lucky and find it with the first search roll so I could Move and at very least get it to Johnny One-Eye or the 13 Foxtrot over there.  I was still trying to break through to the small two-story building on my left, but the Death Dealers didn’t do nearly as well dealing with the Heinrich and now were exposed to it and the scorpion.  Now to mention the couple squads of Zombies that would be able to hit The Boss once Totenmeister moved up.


Round 3

End of Round 3

The Bot Hunters quickly searched for the intelligence.  They hoped to easily find it and be well on their way before the Braineaters found their way on to the roof.  From the center large building another squad of Braineaters were trying to pin them down.  The Bot Hunters could not afford to be suppressed needing every action they could get.  The search attempt proved fruitless, and they paid for it with their deaths and the final Braineater made its way to the roof and let its machine gun rip into the ranger anti-armor squad finishing them.

In center of the town the Recon Boys and Death Dealers were trying to hold their ground.  The Death Dealers finally managed to destroy the Heinrich with their Bazooka and even the machine gunner managed to put down a nearby Zombie even after being hit by scorpion’s machine guns and lasers. The Recon Boy Machine Gunner was also starting to make head way on the horde of zombies killing two, but sadly as the sole survivor of his squad he could not stop the entire pack of them when they iron fists crushed the life from his body but not before his entrenching tool split the skull of one of them.

Johnny One-Eye and the 13 Foxtrot managed to contact the badly hurt BBQ Squad. While the Gorillas flammfausts had done a number of their squad, Lieutenant Coviello inspired them to get up and keep fighting.  The BBQ Squad rushed back into the battle fighting through the pain.  They assaulted the two squads of  zombies that had finished off the Recon Boys.  The Sergeant and the Flamethrower taking one one pack.  The remaining three aimed their shotguns at the other.  It wasn’t until the BBQ Squad were in range that they realized the flamethrower had been too badly damaged to shoot.  It did nothing as its wielder stood mere feet from the mindless undead dumbfounded.  The Sergeant pushed him aside to unload his shotgun into the zombies felling two.  The other pack zombies fared similarly losing two.

Totenmeister wanted the honor of killing the BBQ Squad herself.  She, along with her guard, rushed over a car that the Rangers were attempted to use to funnel in the mindless undead.  Totenmeister realized her folly only too late as the BBQ Squad armed and tossed all of their Satchel Charges at her and her Zombie Guard.  Afterward, not even her Blutkreuz weapon could be identified among the pieces of metal, flesh, and bone.  The other pack of enraged zombies rushed the BBQ Squad seeking some revenge.  The Rangers made a heroic stand against the walking dead destroying one zombie for every man in their squad, but the zombies had the numbers and came out with a pair of dead boys still moving.

The Boss went on the offensive attacking the Zombies but didn’t get anywhere.  The 13 Foxtrot tried to reached the intelligence that the Bot Hunters couldn’t.  It would be tough, but maybe if they could get into the building they could avoid the Wotan and stay ahead of the charging gorillas.  And just maybe, just maybe they could shoot the Braineater machine gunner before he shot them.

The Death Dealers made their break to the small two-story building in a forlorn hope of securing the intelligence.  They barely made it to the second floor with the scorpion-thing’s tail laser fired.  It filled the building with bright green light.  It couldn’t get both of the Death Dealers.  One still wasn’t hurt enough to continue.  His hopes of reaching the goal were dashed when Panzerprinz’s Wotan also fired into the building.


Allies Player Assessment:  At this point of the game I was down to three units (The Boss, 13 Foxtrot, and Johnny One-Eye).  I was impressed that the BBQ Squad managed to break the 3 Zombie Squad plus Totenmeister swarm, but I knew at this point I was spent.  I just wanted to see how many Axis units I could take with me.


Round 4

Markus and the Sturmaffe charged toward the 13 Foxtrot.  They lifted a pick-up truck and used it like a shield to close the distance on the 13 Foxtrot.  The observer team knew they should have run, but their legs just wouldn’t work.  The apes gave a mighty roar before throwing the truck on to the poor Ranger team crushing them under 2 tons of metal.

The Boss had holed up in the small post office and made every attempt to gun down the last few Zombies once again with no luck.  The Zombies attempted to breach the post office but the Command Squad’s grenades, trench knives, and what ever other improvised weapons they found in the post office put to rest the last of the mindless zombies.  If that was all the Range Command Squad had to contend with they might have made it out alive.  However, Panzerprinz took his time taking aim on the small building and fired his Wotan’s lasers and machine guns.  The Rangers never stood a chance against that kind of firepower.

Johnny One-Eye barely alive himself and the sole survivor of the Ranger scout force, surrounded on three sides, and out numbered 12 to 1 decided that discretion is the better part of valor.  He retreated into the fog to inform ASOCOM of the Blutkreuz Experimental Walker.




After Actions

I made engagement mistake after engagement mistake.  I am so used to my opponent having at least one blast template weapon, it wasn’t until Round 2 that I realized the Axis player had none. It also always seemed that I was one activation ahead of where I wanted to be. I just couldn’t work out getting control of the activation sequence which I think was the thing crippled me the most.  For the first half of the game I moved my units just within reach of my opponent allowing him to cripple/destroy them with barely a shot off.  Additionally, Cover was not my friend.  I was rolling really well to not get cover when I had it which quickly crippled both of my Solider 3 unit.

I also have to hand it to my Axis opponent.  He was finding all the right places to be and getting right weapons on the right targets.  All of his attacks on my vehicles was just enough to destroy them. Once he did away with my armor he could mostly take his time where I felt I had to hurry to get squads into the intell buildings.  Even against infantry early on was just enough to either completely taken or essentially take them out of the fight.

I did start to make a bit of a comeback in Round 3, but by that time I had completely loss the chance at the center building.  I think I would have captured the intell in the small building if there would a been an area I could move a squad to avoid vehicle attacks.  Additionally, if I would have been able to get one more activation out of the Bot Hunters I might have captured the intell from that building as well.  Which I think was the funny thing about this scenario.  It looked like at the end of Round 1 I was going to get creamed.  By Round 2 more so.  However, I don’t really feel I was completely out of the fight until half way through Round 3 where I just didn’t have the manpower.

My MVP unit was definitely the BBQ Squad.  I knew this would likely since the I facing a Zombie Army List.  It definitely hurt me to lose them early in Round 2.  Especially since they were my first activation that round, and I only moved them because I felt they were too exposed on the street.  I thought the Sturmaffe was going to be too far away to hit them since I moved them to the second floor.  The BBQ Squad did what I knew they would when they were brought back, well, except the flame thrower.  That thing didn’t hit anything.  I rolled 4 or 5 dice with nothing.  That is why I usually like the Hell Boys and would have preferred them, although; those Satchel Charges did come in handy against Totenmeister.

I think the MVP of the Axis player was the Wotan with Panzerprinz.  It managed to knockout my Pounder round 1, my Bulldog 2, the Death Dealers 3, and the Boss Round 4.  It clearly gained control of that side of the table early on and nearly completely.  Without having an effective counter, charging the small two-story building was a bit of a fool’s errand.

All-in-all a good game.  Even though I felt like I was having set back after set back.  For the most part, I felt if I could get myself back together, I could still be in it.

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