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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: SSU Chinese Volunteers, Infantry Transport Helicopter, and Air Ambulance

This article will cover three units that don’t have much in common in Dust Battlefield.  However, the Chinese Volunteers (aka Tiger Claws) and Infantry Transport Helicopter (Assaulter) come in the same box (which is a bit of a shame considering how Horde-ish  the Chinese Volunteers can be).  I also throw in the Air Ambulance as the troop transport chopper is fairly easy to modify into it.

In this article I will review the stats of these three units, some tactical ideas that they can be for, and give my opinions of how they stack up compared to the rest of the units in Dust Battlefield.

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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Hero Angela

Angela is the Axis’s top sniper and perhaps the world’s best shooter. It is rumored that she was the one that pulled the tripper that assassinated the Furor.  She is a very dangerous assassin and no sane member of the Wehrmacht wants to work too closely with her.

This article will be about the Axis hero sniper Angela covering her stats, some tactical ideas, and my own opinions on how good of a unit she is in Dust Battlefield.

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