Bio: I enjoy pulp short stories from Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft as well as a good hard-boiled detective story. I enjoy board games, table top rpgs, and miniature war gaming. I specifically enjoy Dust Warfare, hence the blog, "Clash at Zverograd."

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Great site. Clean and simple. Nice to have this now that Dust-War is gone! Keep it going…

  2. Volchek says:

    Clash I really enjoy your site, and the Unit Reviews are top-notch. I actually have a request. Could you compare the Axis Laser Grenadiers to the Battle and Recon Grenadiers? I have a couple of squads but I’m finding it hard to use them when I have Battle and Recon Grenadiers available and for less points.

  3. Roger C says:

    Are you based in Canada or the USA? Just wondering.

    • clash957 says:

      I’m in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.

      • bleepboop84 says:

        I’m just across the border from you. Any good place to buy/play Dust Tactics?

      • clash957 says:

        I buy and play at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacy, WA. It would be a long way to travel for you (especially since you have to pass through Seattle) to get in a game, but if you check the Dust Forums, I am part of that Lacy, WA group. We are starting to meet at 10am on Saturdays there except this Saturday (12 July 2014), which will be at 5:00pm. The group is currently trying out Dust Battlefield, but I bring a list for Dust Warfare as well.

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