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Dust Warfare Batrep 300 Points Axis vs. SSU

Once again I have managed to play a game of Dust Warfare.  I think for the next little bit, I will manage to get in a game with some regularity as my friend and I managed to construct a collapsible 6′ x 4′ table top to play at his house.  This time, the battle report has lots of pictures.

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Field Maneuvers: The Core Rulebook Battle Builder

In this Field Maneuvers article, I will discuss one of Dust Warfare’s trademarks that makes it different from many other miniature war games (at least the few I know of).  The Battle Builder.  The Battle Builder is the great equalizer in Dust Warfare, at least I believe it is.  Even a powerful, long range army that is impossible to destroy can foiled by having the wrong options on the Battle Builder.  The same goes for a multiple infantry cannot hope harm aircraft and heavy armor list can secure victory with right options on the Battle Builder.  I will attempt to cover each option of the Dust Warfare Core Rulebook Battle Builder and what aspects are good for certain armies and which are bad.

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