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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Allies Death Dealers

The Death Dealers are also know as the Ranger Weapon Squad with good reason.  They are armed with one of largest array of weapons.  The shear number of weapon types allows this unit to engage multiple different types of enemy units giving the them unparalleled flexibility on the table.  This flexibility doesn’t come cheap as the Death Dealers are on the more expensive point cost for Soldier 2 squads.  Additionally, they might not quite be be able to completely neutralize enemy targets as well as more specialized squads.  In this article, I will go over the weapons, roles, tactics, and opinions for the Allies Death Dealers.

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1:48 vs. 1:56 Scale

I wanted to post some comparative pictures of some stuff I have in both 1:48 scale as well as 1:56 scale.  Recently, I purchased the Bolt Action United States Starter.  I also have a few United States World War 2 tanks/tank destoryers in 1:48 scale from Tamiya.  Finally, I can post the difference in size between Dust Tactics and Bolt Actiom models.

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