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Dreadball: The Greenmoon Smackers (The Marauder Team)

Available as one of the two teams that comes with the base game regardless of it it was the original, Kick Off, or Deluxe is the Marauder team named the Greenmoon Smackers.  Their back story is they were a bunch of pirates that once stole some Dreadball equipment, tri-videos, and other related items on one of their raids.  Dreadball being a violent sport and the Marauders being a violent group of species, they loved the game and began playing it on their own ships and hideout back on Greenmoon.  Despitre being little more than an excuse to beat up on each other, this group of Marauder pirates actually became quite good at the game and was invited to play by the Dreadball Governing Body also known as “Digby.”

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