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My Bolt Action United States Army WIP Part II


I wanted to show an update to the work I have done on my Bolt Action Army.  It has been a under over a month an half since the first post on this project and I think I am somewhere around 3/4 done with the stuff you see here.

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Bayonets and Brass Knuckles Brigade (Dust Battlefield 150 pt Allies List)

The Bayonets and Brass Knuckle Brigade are a platoon from the United States 7th Infantry who have seen action all over the Pacific and live the Division’s motto: Light, Silent, and Deadly. Led by the heroic Jackson “One-Eyed Jack” Hardcastle (often confused for Johnny “One-Eye” Coviello) the 20th Reinforced Ranger Company are experts in all-condition fighting from the coldest arctic weather to the steamiest, hottest jungles.  Each squad is trained to be completely self-sufficient and at the same time to work in concert with the rest of the company to force multiply its combined arms.

This article will cover my current Allies 150 Army as well as a number of tactics that I apply using this list for Dust Battlefield.  I will even go over the paint scheme of a rangers within it.

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