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Deadzone Mercenary Review: Dr. Simmons

Doctor Gayle Simmons was one of the researchers working on one the mysterious artefacts.  She along with several other scientists were responsible for releasing the Plague on Nexis Psi.  She herself has been infected and now seeks revenge against those she blames for leaving her to die.  Despite the fury she is filled with, her mind is as keen as ever focused on exterminating all non-infected.

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Deadzone: My Favorite Plague Strike Team

Plague 001 photo Plague001-1.jpg

Recently my friends and I gone back to playing Deadzone.  I have also finally built and put at least some paint on my Asterians and Forge Father sets.  This article however will be about my favorite Plague strike team.  It may not be the best optimized team that I could create, but I happen to like it.

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