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Unit Inspection: SSU “Silent Death” Steel Guards Sniper Squad

Although they may have lost much of their body in the fight to defend the Motherland these snipers, many from the ranks of the Jnetzi, continue to fight in these large steel VK powered exo-suits.  Now possessing the strength on five men, the Silent Death have armed themselves with heavy rifles normally mounted on vehicles or placed in fighting positions.  They maimed soldiers have both the talent and technology to combat even the mightiest of armored walkers.

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Unit Inspection: SSU “Winter Child” Colonel Ivan Vasiliev


Known as, “The world’s first superhuman” he is the SSU’s preeminent scientist.  He helped create much of the SSU’s advanced weaponry including the bloc’s own super weapon: Tesla weaponry.  Like any good comic book origin story, Ivan Vasiliev’s superpowers come from a freak accident involving the rare wonder mineral VK and its even more precious isotope 916.  While running experiments on a new kind of battery to harness the power of this alien substance, disaster struck destroying Colonel Vasiliev’s lab.  In a radioactive explosion that should have also killed him, it instead irradiated him causing he himself to give off massive level’s of some new kind of radiation.  For weeks, Ivan was sequestered in his lab being far too dangerous to be near other humans.  He designed a suit of armor that would not only protect those around from his radiation but could also use the energy from his body as the sort battery he originally tried to design.

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