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Why Play Dust Warfare (or more specifically why I play Dust Warfare)

It is my impression that miniature war gaming is growing in popularity or at very least diversifying in the number of different gamers play.  Though that could just be me getting into the hobby.  Anyways, there are a number of miniature war games out there to choose from in addition to Dust Warfare.  Like I mentioned in my first article on Clash at Zverograd, I always wanted to get into miniature war gaming.  I always enjoyed the tactical elements of tabletop role-playing games.  Even back before 3rd edition D&D came out, the groups I played with always used miniatures to play out combats back in 2nd ed AD&D.  It just seemed like the natural way to play.  However, even though I was vaguely aware of miniature war gaming as most local gaming stores had the beautiful gaming tables with handcrafted terrain that made our battle mat marked combat makes in D&D look so very amateurish, I didn’t serious consider it until a few years ago.  I think the main reason was the sheer number of options that I became aware of increased as well as my confidence to paint miniatures from board games that had them to a level that looked pretty good by non-minis painters. They still aren’t anything to brag about, but I think they look okay.  Before I decided on Dust Warfare, I looked at Warhammer 40,000 (of course), Warmachine, Infinity, Dropzone Commander, Robotech RPG Tactics, and Wild West Exodus before deciding on Dust Warfare. What I liked about Dust Warfare compared these games was the rules set, the factions (read: blocs), miniatures themselves, the price point, and a number of other factors such as the fact that Fantasy Flight Games was publishing it also helped as their customer service has always helped me out with problems with their board games.

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Starting Dust Warfare: The SSU

Getting started in miniature war gaming can become pricey.  While Dust Warfare is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you may not have all the money to buy every unit available for your chosen block.  I know I haven’t.  In this article, I will try to help you get you going on a fairly balanced, flexible army list for the SSU.  Of course, you will need the Dust Warfare Core Rulebook and I strongly suggest the Campaign Book: Zverograd as it has the lion’s share of the SSU units within its pages as well as the aircraft rules.  I will also be sticking only to the units listed in the pages of Zverograd as well.  If you really need cut costs, you can avoid or least put off purchasing the Campaign Books: Hades and Icarus.  Their are a few good SSU units in there as some other good stuff but they are not absolutely needed to play.

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