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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: SSU Super Heavy Tank “Lavrentiy Beria” and “Karl Marx”

Since the early days of the war, the Soviets have been known for their outstanding tank designs.  Following the same linage of the T-34 and more directly IS-2, the IS-48 is a monument to Soviet utilitarian engineering and design.  These tanks are still a match against the more advanced super heavy walkers of the Allies and Axis.

In this article I will review the stats and skills, roles and tactics, the platoon, and my thoughts and opinions on the Lavrentiy Beria as well as the Karl Marx.

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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: SSU Vladimir Lenin/Mao Zedong

The Sino-Soviet Union hasn’t quite matched technological level of either the Allies or the Axis when when it comes to heavy and super heavy armor.  Their heaviest vehicles are still tracked.  These tanks shouldn’t be considered any weaker than the other bloc’s however.  In fact, in many ways Tracked vehicles are an advantage.  In this article I will look at the Vladimir Lenin the SSU’s heavy artillery tank as well as it companion Mao Zedong, their heavy anti-aircraft tank.

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Unit Inspection: SSU IS-48 Super Heavy Tank

The SSU may not have the same technological advances of either the Allies or the Axis blocs, especially when manufacturing huge, heavy armored vehicles.  They have not perfected walkers to bear the required weight of such powerful weapons of war.  Instead, the red bloc continues to produce tried and true tracked vehicles such as the IS-48 Super Heavy Tank.  What it lacks in mobility, it makes up for in durability and firepower.

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Unit Inpection: SSU IS-5 Heavy Tank

Left to Right: Vladimir Lenin, Lavarentiy Beria, and Mao Zedong

The IS-5 Heavy Tank is the latest iteration of the famed Soviet line of armor.  It design was to include a deeper mounting platform that the previous IS-3 tanks could provide for the newer SSU weaponry.  This resulted in a higher profile and boxy appearance to support the recoil of the larger, more powerful weapons the frame had custom designed for.  The IS-5 Heavy Tank has two basic models: the anti-aircraft IS-5A “Mao Zedong” and over-sized mortar platform of the IS-5B “Vladimir Lenin.”

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Starting Dust Warfare: The SSU

Getting started in miniature war gaming can become pricey.  While Dust Warfare is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you may not have all the money to buy every unit available for your chosen block.  I know I haven’t.  In this article, I will try to help you get you going on a fairly balanced, flexible army list for the SSU.  Of course, you will need the Dust Warfare Core Rulebook and I strongly suggest the Campaign Book: Zverograd as it has the lion’s share of the SSU units within its pages as well as the aircraft rules.  I will also be sticking only to the units listed in the pages of Zverograd as well.  If you really need cut costs, you can avoid or least put off purchasing the Campaign Books: Hades and Icarus.  Their are a few good SSU units in there as some other good stuff but they are not absolutely needed to play.

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