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My Bolt Action United States Army WIP Part II


I wanted to show an update to the work I have done on my Bolt Action Army.  It has been a under over a month an half since the first post on this project and I think I am somewhere around 3/4 done with the stuff you see here.

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My Bolt Action United States Army WIP

This isn’t even all the troops for the starter. I still have 15+ to finish building. Note: the M10 is not included in the starter.

As previously covered a few articles back, I tried out a game of Bolt Action.  I find myself more an more interested in playing a fully historical game of World War II.  However, as a new-ish miniatures war game player and a tabletop role-playing game player through the 1990s (you know when many games had tables followed charts followed by diagrams for the sake of realism and complexity) I still don’t want something overly complicated.

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