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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: SSU Self Propelled Weapon Platform “Red Rain” and “Red Fury”

These units are supposed to epitomize the idea, “Quantity has a quality of its own.”  The first unit I will talk about is the mortar platform “Red Rain” and make comparisons to the other less than 10 point SSU artillery options avaible.  I will also cover the other tractor unit, the Red Fury, which I seem to often take in my army lists when playing SSU.  I will review each units stats as they are concerned in Dust Battlefield.  I will also give my opinions on these units.

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Unit Inspection: SSU BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform

Joesph Stalin was quoted, “Quantity is a quality all its own.”  This statement is greatly reflected in the BR 47 Self-Propelled Weapon Platform more commonly called the Soviet or SSU Tractor.  It is named the tractor, because that is what it largely is: a flatbed tractor with a heavy weapon mounted to it.  It is this cheap, low-tech solution that allows the SSU to produce the Weapon Platform in such massive quantities.  This does not come with its own drawbacks however.  While either model of the tractor (the Red Fury or Red Rain) can dish out massive amounts of damage to the enemy, it is very lightly armored and largely relies on Soviet ruggedness to survive attacks.  Unfortunately, even concentrated sniper fire can disable/destory this vehicle.

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