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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Allies Heavy Command/Support Walker “Mobile HQ”, “Long Tom II”, and “Skysweeper”

The “heavy” command and support walkers are built on top of the largest and heaviest of the Allied designs.  Yet they are some of the Allies lightest classed walkers at Vehicle 3 (V3).  Each is highly varied in its purpose.  The Mobile HQ serves as a moving command center to more effectively issue orders and alert friendly units to possible air attacks.  The Long Tom II features one of the farthest reach artillery weapons in Dust Battlefield.  Finally, the Skysweeper threatens to down any aircraft foolish enough to get near.  This article with cover these units, and I will give my opinions about them.

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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Kv-47 “Nadya”, “Natalya”, and “Natasha”

The KV-47 is the workhorse of the SSU with nearly a full alphabet of variants including the new Vehicle 2 (V2) models as well as the Air Assault models. However, in this article, I will only be talking about the earliest models of the KV-47A “Nadya”, KV-47N “Natasha”, and KV-47C “Natalya”.

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Unit Inspection: Allies M1 Series Light Assault Walker

Built for speed and firepower the Blackhawk features a fully enclosed cockpit unlike the Wildfire and Honey models of the M1 Light Assault Walkers (LAW). However, the extra armor trades off visibility and agility yielding almost a zero net sum gain in terms of protection and durability in terms of the other LAW series. Like the other Allied Light Walkers, the Blakhawk is designed for rushing in and delivering its payload against much heavier armor in a sort of suicide gambit, or better yet, in massive numbers to saturate an opponent. The Blackhawk is also one of the best night recon vehicles due to is small size, speed, and weapon design.

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Unit Inspection: Allies M1 Series Light Walker

These machines of war are built for speed.  They quickly and easily cover ground no wheeled or even tracked vehicle could travel to deliver both war tested weapons as well as the newer phaser tech the eggheads came up with.  In addition to their speed and firepower is the relative affordability they lend as they are both cheaper and faster to mass produce than many of the Allies heavier walkers.

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Unit Inspection: Axis Light Panzer Walker

The Light Panzer Walker is smallest of the Axis vehicles to date, however, they can be devastating to those who would underestimate them.  Included in this category are: I-A “Heinrich”, I-B “Hermann”, and I-C “Hans.”  Each a very affordable Vehicle 3 (V3) at a cost of 20 Army Points for the Heinrich/Hermann models and 25 for the Hans.

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