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Unit Inspection: Axis Armored Transport

Constructed on the highly recognizable HPW IV frame of the Konigsluther and Sturmkonig, the Axis Armored Transport is the bloc’s attempt to match the Allies mobility and capability to rapidly place troops on the battlefield.  While the Transport Panzer Walker (TPW) looks nearly as impressive as the Heavy Panzer Walkers (HPW) it is based off, this vehicle isn’t nearly as well armored to save on both costs and production times.  The TPW has two current versions: one, the far more available but lesser Prinzluther and the superior equipped Sturmprinz.

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Unit Inspection: Allies M2 Medium Series Combat Walker

The M2 Medium Series Combat Walker is the most popular and widespread of the new VK inspired machines of war for the Allies.  This series is time tested with almost 2 years of field use at this point.  The M2 is beloved at all levels of the Allied force structure from ASOCOM generals back at the Octagon for is low unit cost to battlefield commanders who enjoy the wide variety of roles this frame can serve to the mechanics who work on their durable and relatively straight forward systems.  This weapon of war is likely to be seeing combat service for years to come.

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Unit Inspection: Allies M3 Series Medium Combat Walker

Despite being also identical to the M2 Series Medium Combat Walker so that mechanics will often times change the designation of them, the M3 Series Medium Combat Walker represent a significant leap forward in weapon’s technology.  The M3 was built on the the old M2 chassis as both a cost saving measure back the factory not needing to retool the lathes and mill with new parts as well as in the field requiring minimal technical training to get mechanics up to speed on the new systems and allow them to keep most of the parts they already have on hand still useful.

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Unit Inspection: SSU Koshka with Grand’Ma

Koshka is a the duplicitous Soviet femme fatale who is loyal to the bloc yet has aided the Bazooka Joe almost as often as he has betrayed him.  She is also an excellent walker pilot (but only for Grand’Ma) and even has her own personal KV47 walker codenamed: Grand’Ma.  Grand’Ma is a combination of the Nadya and Natasha walkers having a weapon from each equipped on this rare vehicle.  Koshka is the first, and currently the only, hero to have the option of being selected for an army list in either a command or hero section that can also have a vehicle (Grand’Ma) as well. These two units for the price of one section sometimes makes Koshka and Grand’ma a hard bargain to pass, especially when it can be difficult for the SSU to field several vehicles already.

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Unit Inspection: SSU KV47 Walker

Reverse engineered from captured Axis technology, the SSU have simplified the German design keeping only the necessary systems for its operation making for a simpler, more reliable, and easier to mass produce medium walker that has become the core of the SSU’s armored divisions and symbol of the bloc’s determination.  The KV47 is highly modifiable to suit the role of whatever the field commander need it to be. In this Unit Inspection, I will only talk about the KV47-A, KV47-B, and KV47-C models also known as Nadya, Natasha, and Natalya.

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