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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Flamm-Luther/Wotan/Wotan AR

The Panzerkampflaufer III has a couple of weapon options as well as an up armored option for the Laser version that brings it to same Damage Capacity as the Flame version.  The laser version also known as Wotan or Wotan AR for the up armored one among the best anti-armor units in the Axis something the bloc is something of an expert in.  The Flamm-luther is rare unit in the Axis as the bloc historically hasn’t had very many Flame weapon options.  In this article I will review each of these Vesicle 5 (V5) units that are built on the same chassis but have wildly different roles in the force they are included.

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Unit Inspection: SSU KV-3 Heavy Walker “Matrioshka” and “Babushka”


The KV-3 Heavy Walker is largely reversed engineered from a captured Axis “Luther” walker so much so that even Soviet soldiers can have difficulty distinguishing between the two.  However, despite cosmetically appearing the same, this SSU walker is far tougher and armed with more powerful weapons than anything found on the Axis original design.

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Unit Inspection: Axis Schwer Panzer Kampflaufer III

The Schwer Panzer Kampflaufer III is in a little exploited area of Dust Warfare that is Vehicle 5 and Vehicle 6. Both the Wotan and Flamm-Luther models of the medium to heavy armored vehicle offer the Wehrmacht vast different capabilities on an excellent panzer frame.  For the Wotan a very good set of laser cannons for long range anti-armor targeting, and the Flamm-luther a pair of giant flamethrowers, a weapon not very common for the Axis bloc as of yet.

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Unit Inspection: Allies Heavy Command/Support Walker

Built on the same frame of the far more armored and armed M6 Heavy Walker frame of the Fireball and Punisher are the Allies Heavy Command and Heavy Support Walkers code named: Mobile HQ, Long Tom II, and Skysweeper.  Though they are physically intimidating and bristling with .50 caliber victory machine guns are these walkers a welcome addition to the Allies armor support?  This article will explore each variant is some detail.

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