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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Hero Angela

Angela is the Axis’s top sniper and perhaps the world’s best shooter. It is rumored that she was the one that pulled the tripper that assassinated the Furor.  She is a very dangerous assassin and no sane member of the Wehrmacht wants to work too closely with her.

This article will be about the Axis hero sniper Angela covering her stats, some tactical ideas, and my own opinions on how good of a unit she is in Dust Battlefield.

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Dust Warfare Batrep 150 Points Axis vs. SSU

I actually managed to get in a game of Dust Warfare for the first time in, well, a long time.  It was sort of weird playing it after playing Dust Battlefield.  It was sort strange to not start the game with the entire army off the table and not pass back and forth activations beyond Reactions that worked every time.  The biggest thing to readjust to was how though everything is.  Dust Warfare makes units feel like they have actual armor compared to Dust Battlefield.

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