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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Gorillas

The Axis Gorillas are one of Dust’s more polarizing units when it comes to what level of pulp sci-fi of the setting.  They seem to represent the most extreme element currently in the game.  For many player the addition of zombies were bad enough, but combat gorillas is a unit too far.  For me, Axis Gorillas is the line of weirdness I can tolerate.  I like their inclusion in the game as I believe it was pretty common in the 40’s and 50’s for comics have super-intelligent apes gracing their pages.  In this article, I will review the Axis Gorillas stats, role, and tactics.  I will also talk about how they stand up compared to the Axis’s other weird close combat monstrosities.

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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Sturmpioniere

The Wehrmacht Assault Engineer Squad or Sturmpioniere were for the longest time the Axis’s only Flamethrower infantry unit.  Unlike like their Allies (BBQ Squad) and SSU (Fakyeli) counterparts, they are not equipped with shotguns.  They are of equal point cost however.  In this article I will going over the skills, weapons, and other topics on this infantry squad.

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