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Dust Battlefield 150 Point Battle Report Allies vs. Axis

This battle report is more like our standard games at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacy Washington, U.S.A.  It was at our gaming group’s standard of 150 points.  However, once again it was a custom mission scenario.   I was playing the Allies this time around.  This was due to me painting another Allies player’s stuff and not wanting to lug several boxes of models to the gaming store in addition to my ever expanding terrain.

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Dust Battlefield 75 Point Allies vs. Axis Demo Battle Report

Once again we had a new player show up to our gaming group at Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacy, Washington, U.S.A.   However, unlike last week I was not the one that played the new player.  I wanted to both show off my newly painted terrain (which still needs a lot work) and practice on writing up battle reports for Dust Battlefield since I wasn’t super happy with last weeks.  In today’s game it was the Allies versus the Axis in a 75 point game with many units based out of the Starter Boxes.

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Dust Battlefield 100pt Demo Game Battle Report

I had the game to play a demo game with a new player today in Dust Battlefield.  He spoke with me last weekend about getting into Dust.  We managed it this weekend.  I provided both army lists with this input that he liked the gorillas.  Normally, I wouldn’t conduct a demo game at 100 points.  I prefer about 55 to 75 points usually built around the faction starter as it is the more common way to get into Dust these days.  However, because this new player stated they wanted Gorillas, I wanted to make sure to have a full Gorilla Platoon to give him all the options for them.  I also designed the list to be fairly straight froward in terms of special abilities and skills picking units that didn’t really have any.

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Dust Warfare Batrep: Axis vs. SSU 300 AP (March Battle)

Once again I bring a battle report between my friend and I.  The way we are doing these is the loser of the previous game gets to select either the custom scenario or the Battle Builder we use for the next game.  So my friend (the Axis player) picked the March Battle custom scenario from the Core Rulebook on page 72.

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Battle Report: 300 pt SSU Heavy Armor vs Allies Heavy Armor

The Armies:

SSU insignia

Red Command
Red Thunder x2 (I had to proxy a Red Storm as one of them)
The Fonvizin (blobbed Red Thunder)
Mao Zedong
Lavrentiy Beria
Red Fury
Ride of the Valkyries

Allies ensigna small

The Boss
Death Dealers
The Hammers
Tank Busters
Rhino (attached to Hammers)
Air Drop

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Battle Report: 200 pt SSU Koshka/Yana vs Axis Zombies/Wotan

The Armies:

The SiSSU insigniano-Soviet Union

Me,  Defense Platoon: Medvedi, Fakyeli, Frontoviki, Ohotniki, Natalya, Nabludatyel, Koshka with Grand’Ma, and Red Yana (piloting the Natalya)

The Aaxis_smallxis

Blutkreutz Platoon: Sturmpioniere, Braineaters, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Zombies x2, Sniper Team, Heavy Wotan (55 AP), Grenadier X (attached one the Zombie squads)

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