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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Allies Death Dealers

The Death Dealers are also know as the Ranger Weapon Squad with good reason.  They are armed with one of largest array of weapons.  The shear number of weapon types allows this unit to engage multiple different types of enemy units giving the them unparalleled flexibility on the table.  This flexibility doesn’t come cheap as the Death Dealers are on the more expensive point cost for Soldier 2 squads.  Additionally, they might not quite be be able to completely neutralize enemy targets as well as more specialized squads.  In this article, I will go over the weapons, roles, tactics, and opinions for the Allies Death Dealers.

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Bayonets and Brass Knuckles Brigade (Dust Battlefield 150 pt Allies List)

The Bayonets and Brass Knuckle Brigade are a platoon from the United States 7th Infantry who have seen action all over the Pacific and live the Division’s motto: Light, Silent, and Deadly. Led by the heroic Jackson “One-Eyed Jack” Hardcastle (often confused for Johnny “One-Eye” Coviello) the 20th Reinforced Ranger Company are experts in all-condition fighting from the coldest arctic weather to the steamiest, hottest jungles.  Each squad is trained to be completely self-sufficient and at the same time to work in concert with the rest of the company to force multiply its combined arms.

This article will cover my current Allies 150 Army as well as a number of tactics that I apply using this list for Dust Battlefield.  I will even go over the paint scheme of a rangers within it.

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Dust Battlefield: Allies Ranger Platoon

The United States Ranger motto is: “Rangers Lead the Way!” This platoon attempts to exemplify this with its platoon advantage.  This article will review the units that make up this platoon and my thoughts about it.

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Unit Inspection: Allies “Death Dealers” Ranger Weapon Squad

Armed with the widest variety of weapons of any Allied unit in the core rulebook, the Death Dealers are equally capable of taking on both infantry and armor with decent success and a decent cost of Army Points. They even can harm aircraft, just don’t expect them to shoot one down. As the Allies Soldier 2 unit of the Dust Tactics Revised Core Set, many beginning players are likely to have them in their first few army lists.  I think they work well for that as they have the wide variety of weapons for new players to discover whether they want more machine guns (i.e. Recon Boys) or Bazookas (i.e. The Gunners) added to their infantry.

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Battle Report: 300 pt SSU Heavy Armor vs Allies Heavy Armor

The Armies:

SSU insignia

Red Command
Red Thunder x2 (I had to proxy a Red Storm as one of them)
The Fonvizin (blobbed Red Thunder)
Mao Zedong
Lavrentiy Beria
Red Fury
Ride of the Valkyries

Allies ensigna small

The Boss
Death Dealers
The Hammers
Tank Busters
Rhino (attached to Hammers)
Air Drop

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