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Unit Inspection: SSU “The Medvedi” SSU Command Squad

The Medvedi or the bears, are veterans of at least a dozen battles that have occurred on the soil of their beloved Motherland.  Like their namesake, they have the fury and tenacity associated with the Russian bear.  Being veterans of so many battles, this Command Section is well versed in the capabilities of infantry, armor, and aircraft to engage the enemy in every type of condition that can befall the great landmass of the Sino-Soviet Union from searing heat to the most frigid temperatures able to freeze a man solid.  The Medvedi quickly adapt to the rapidly changing weapons of war from the helicopter, walker, or even the new Steel Guard battle suits.

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Battle Report: 200 pt SSU Koshka/Yana vs Axis Zombies/Wotan

The Armies:

The SiSSU insigniano-Soviet Union

Me,  Defense Platoon: Medvedi, Fakyeli, Frontoviki, Ohotniki, Natalya, Nabludatyel, Koshka with Grand’Ma, and Red Yana (piloting the Natalya)

The Aaxis_smallxis

Blutkreutz Platoon: Sturmpioniere, Braineaters, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Zombies x2, Sniper Team, Heavy Wotan (55 AP), Grenadier X (attached one the Zombie squads)

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