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Dust Battlefield Army List: Axis “The Scavengers” (125 pts)


This entry is a bit of a vanity post of my current favorite army list for Dust Battlefield.  However, I will also use it to go over some of my thinking behind my strategy.  The first this I need to say is my gaming group likes playing at 125 points which is pretty close to the same amount of units that you could get in Dust Warfare more or less.  I find the average falls somewhere around ten units.

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Showdown: Dust Warfare’s Super Weapons

In the setting of Dust, each of the three bloc’s (the Allies, the Axis, and the Sino-Soviet Union) all have a super weapon they have developed while studying the effects of the alien mineral known as VK.  The Allies ASOCOM scientists have used their knowledge of this material to develop Phaser technology which while inaccurate and unpredictable, allows their weapons to phase through armor as if it weren’t there at all.  The Axis, on the other hand, have engineered laser tech that fires a powerful beam of  burning light capable of heating metal so much that is can sometimes continue to burn and melt for even more damage.  Falling behind in the technology race is some respects, the SSU have recently developed Tesla weapons which harness the power of electricity which allows to focus on a spot can create a chain lightning effect as the electrical current arcs from one target to the next.  In article, I will go over each Bloc’s super weapon, the units that are equipped with it, and my thoughts about each.  Finally, I will make a comparison of these weapons to each other.

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