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Deadzone Faction Inpsection: Enforcers Starter Units

The Enforcers are the Corporation’s elite troops held accountable by only the Council of Seven. These are the elite of the elite trained not to question the orders given to them.  They are equipped with the finest military hardware found anywhere within the GCPS.  They are universally feared by the populace as their presence means things have really gotten out of hand.

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Deadzone Battle Report: Asterians vs. Peacemakers (Enforcers)

I played a bunch of games of Deadzone today all the while playing different permutations of the Asterians.  My opponent stuck with the Peacemakers (Enforcers).  Most of the games we played were losses for the Asterians.  However, things changed for the game I actually decided to take pictures and write up a battle report.

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Deadzone: My favorite Enforcer Strike Team

Continuing on with some more Deadzone, I have decided to review my preferred Enforcer strike team.  I have split my two starter amounts in to two separate factions on there own just like I did with the Plague.  I only have the starter Enforcers however making their choices fairly limited.

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