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Deadzone: My First Forge Father Strike Team

Once again I am writing a Deadzone article.  This time I want to cover my other new faction the Forge Fathers.  I actually built these models and put some paint on the well before I started work on my Asterians.  In big part because I already had a paint scheme in mind.  The other reason was they were so much easier to build and clean up since the models are much bulkier.

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Dreadball: The Midgard Delvers (the Forge Father Team)

Considered one the weakest teams in Dreadball as written currently, the Forge Fathers are the Space Dwarf team, although; I like to think of them as an alien species that has adapted to high gravity planets and moons.  I even think their armored uniforms is partly designed to be much heavier than other teams just to make them feel comfortable playing in what they consider low gravity environments.  This would also explain their slow Move and weak Speed stats.

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My Dreadball Teams

I like to create back stories and additional fluff for the games I play.  Dreadball is no exception.  For my teams (and even the ones I don’t have yet) I have created little back stories about the organization and and even some details on the city and stadium they play home games at.  Some of the information is contrary to fluff described to in the Dreadball rule books, but even the books say that information might not be accurate either.  Because Dreadball is not meant to be serious or at least not completely serious, I wanted to have my teams exist in a setting much like the Borderlands series of video games. Violent, sometimes tragic, but ultimately lighthearted, comical, and most of all badass.


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A review of Dreadball

At this point, I have only played a few games of Dreadball to include entering a tournament, but I would like to give my thoughts of the game as a whole. These opinions may change as I play more games of Dreadball and better understand its intricacies,  but for now, I want to help those who read Clash at Zverograd and enjoy Dust Warfare, to read my take on why I also enjoy Dreadball.  Just in case you are also looking into getting this game. Or maybe the premise sound neat to you, and you want to know more about it.

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