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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment:Allies BBQ Squad and Hell Boys

I’m sort of breaking my own unit assessment rules talking about two units that don’t come in the same box or are pretty much exactly the same across the blocs.  However, the differences between the Allied Ranger Assault Squad a.k.a BBQ Squad and the Allied Ranger Attack Squad a.k.a. Hell Boys are extremely close in role and weapon construction that it would be hard to talk about one without comparing it to the other.  In this article I will go over the stats, skills, and weapons for each squad detailing what makes each unit different from the other.  I will also spend some time talking about the Allied Ranger Platoon that these units can support and benefit from.  I also want to cover all the Allies heroes that can join either the BBQ Squad or the Hell Boys.  Finally, I will end the article with my opinions about each unit.

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Bayonets and Brass Knuckles Brigade (Dust Battlefield 150 pt Allies List)

The Bayonets and Brass Knuckle Brigade are a platoon from the United States 7th Infantry who have seen action all over the Pacific and live the Division’s motto: Light, Silent, and Deadly. Led by the heroic Jackson “One-Eyed Jack” Hardcastle (often confused for Johnny “One-Eye” Coviello) the 20th Reinforced Ranger Company are experts in all-condition fighting from the coldest arctic weather to the steamiest, hottest jungles.  Each squad is trained to be completely self-sufficient and at the same time to work in concert with the rest of the company to force multiply its combined arms.

This article will cover my current Allies 150 Army as well as a number of tactics that I apply using this list for Dust Battlefield.  I will even go over the paint scheme of a rangers within it.

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Dust Battlefield: Allies Ranger Platoon

The United States Ranger motto is: “Rangers Lead the Way!” This platoon attempts to exemplify this with its platoon advantage.  This article will review the units that make up this platoon and my thoughts about it.

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Unit Inspection: Allies “Hell Boys” Ranger Attack Squad

Armed with not one but two flamethrowers this Command Squad is unlike any other.  Where most Command Sections want to stay back have issued orders from the relatively safe rear area, the Hell Boys want to lead the charge into the fight.  These brave, some would say crazy, men believe in leading from the front and demonstrating courage by example.  The causalities might be high, but certainly the enemy’s will be even higher as they quickly press the attack.

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