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Dust Warfare Batrep 150 Points Axis vs. SSU

I actually managed to get in a game of Dust Warfare for the first time in, well, a long time.  It was sort of weird playing it after playing Dust Battlefield.  It was sort strange to not start the game with the entire army off the table and not pass back and forth activations beyond Reactions that worked every time.  The biggest thing to readjust to was how though everything is.  Dust Warfare makes units feel like they have actual armor compared to Dust Battlefield.

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Dust Battlefield Army List: Axis “The Scavengers” (125 pts)


This entry is a bit of a vanity post of my current favorite army list for Dust Battlefield.  However, I will also use it to go over some of my thinking behind my strategy.  The first this I need to say is my gaming group likes playing at 125 points which is pretty close to the same amount of units that you could get in Dust Warfare more or less.  I find the average falls somewhere around ten units.

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Dust Battlefield: Axis Grenadier Platoon

The Axis has some of the best trained, equipped, and most battle harden veterans of the war.  Still following the war doctrine of Blitzkrieg, these troops can quickly strike their opponents before they can form an adequate defense to the onslaught.  Their motto is, “Halten movng!

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Unit Inspection: Axis Recon Grenadiers

Only the elite can join the ranks of these lightly equipped, forward ranging squads.  They serve the Axis cause with fanatical loyalty risking their lives to seek out weak points in the enemy line for the rest of their force to exploit.  While they are best capable as infantry fighters, like their Allies counterpart the Recon Boys, they are also equipped with anti-armor weapons to engage vehicles with some success.

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Unit Showdown: Axis Battle Grenadiers vs. Axis Laser Grenadiers vs. Axis Recon Grenadiers

By special request, this article will be about the three non-zombie, 5 man, non-Command Section, Solider 2 squads that the Axis bloc can field.  I will write a small bit on each unit of what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as; what I think they are best used for.  Finally, I will give my thoughts on how each squad stacks up with each other. Continue reading

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