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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: SSU Hero Red Yana

When I first started playing Dust with Dust Warfare, Red Yana was like the sister to Koshka.  She was a walker pilot that didn’t have the Grand’Ma Only restriction, and she was armed with a better weapon.  The big differences between Red Yana was she couldn’t lead a Platoon and cost a few more points.

Now in Dust Battlefield, Red Yana still doesn’t lead platoons (Babylon not withstanding), but she don’t drive vehicles anymore either.  She has become a sort of Soviet super Sergeant leading her squad to victory with acts of daring beyond most infantry.  Maybe she took a correspondence course.

This article will review the SSU Hero Red Yana going over her abilities, some tactics you can use with her, and my over all (super biased) opinion on her as unit compared to the rest of Dust Battlefield.

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Dust Battlefield: My Nemesis SSU 125 pts Army List

This is an army list that that I just can’t seem to figure out a good counter to. I have played against it with minor deviations more times than any other.  I haven’t been able to come up with an effective counter despite knowing each component of it.  It is an very solid SSU army and my own personal nemesis in Dust Battlefield.

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Unit Inspection: SSU KV47 Walker

Reverse engineered from captured Axis technology, the SSU have simplified the German design keeping only the necessary systems for its operation making for a simpler, more reliable, and easier to mass produce medium walker that has become the core of the SSU’s armored divisions and symbol of the bloc’s determination.  The KV47 is highly modifiable to suit the role of whatever the field commander need it to be. In this Unit Inspection, I will only talk about the KV47-A, KV47-B, and KV47-C models also known as Nadya, Natasha, and Natalya.

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Starting Dust Warfare: The SSU

Getting started in miniature war gaming can become pricey.  While Dust Warfare is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, you may not have all the money to buy every unit available for your chosen block.  I know I haven’t.  In this article, I will try to help you get you going on a fairly balanced, flexible army list for the SSU.  Of course, you will need the Dust Warfare Core Rulebook and I strongly suggest the Campaign Book: Zverograd as it has the lion’s share of the SSU units within its pages as well as the aircraft rules.  I will also be sticking only to the units listed in the pages of Zverograd as well.  If you really need cut costs, you can avoid or least put off purchasing the Campaign Books: Hades and Icarus.  Their are a few good SSU units in there as some other good stuff but they are not absolutely needed to play.

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Battle Report: 200 pt SSU Koshka/Yana vs Axis Zombies/Wotan

The Armies:

The SiSSU insigniano-Soviet Union

Me,  Defense Platoon: Medvedi, Fakyeli, Frontoviki, Ohotniki, Natalya, Nabludatyel, Koshka with Grand’Ma, and Red Yana (piloting the Natalya)

The Aaxis_smallxis

Blutkreutz Platoon: Sturmpioniere, Braineaters, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Zombies x2, Sniper Team, Heavy Wotan (55 AP), Grenadier X (attached one the Zombie squads)

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