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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Hero Angela

Angela is the Axis’s top sniper and perhaps the world’s best shooter. It is rumored that she was the one that pulled the tripper that assassinated the Furor.  She is a very dangerous assassin and no sane member of the Wehrmacht wants to work too closely with her.

This article will be about the Axis hero sniper Angela covering her stats, some tactical ideas, and my own opinions on how good of a unit she is in Dust Battlefield.

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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Zombies

The Axis is becoming desperate for soldiers after nearly a decade of war.  The bloc has turned to its weird science division the Blutkreuz, or Blood Cross, for solutions no matter how extreme.  The mad scientists have turned to infusing their very own troops with a serum named Wiederbelebungseserum. Roughly translated it means, “once again revived serum.”  Most soldiers never rise again even with the serum coursing through their veins.  An extremely small amount retain at least part of their intelligence though many times their personality is greatly altered.  In most cases, the few undead that do come back are mindless brutes as dangerous to their handlers as they are to the enemy.

This article will review the Axis Zombies (or just Zombies in Dust Battlefield).  I will go over the Zombies’ stats and skills, the heroes that best work with them, the Axis Zombie Swarm Platoon, some roles and tactics, and my overall thoughts and opinions to one of the creepiest units in Dust.

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