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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Sturmpioniere

The Wehrmacht Assault Engineer Squad or Sturmpioniere were for the longest time the Axis’s only Flamethrower infantry unit.  Unlike like their Allies (BBQ Squad) and SSU (Fakyeli) counterparts, they are not equipped with shotguns.  They are of equal point cost however.  In this article I will going over the skills, weapons, and other topics on this infantry squad.

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Dust Warfare Batrep: Axis vs. SSU 300 AP (March Battle)

Once again I bring a battle report between my friend and I.  The way we are doing these is the loser of the previous game gets to select either the custom scenario or the Battle Builder we use for the next game.  So my friend (the Axis player) picked the March Battle custom scenario from the Core Rulebook on page 72.

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Dust Warfare Batrep 300 Points Axis vs. SSU

When it rains, it pours, kinda.  I managed to get in a second game of Dust Warfare this week, and this time it was on a full sized gaming table.  Once again myself and my friend, in which this was his first time on a 6’x4′ table and to the Friendly Local Gaming Shop (Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacy, Washington, U.S.A.).  Once again I played the SSU and he played the Axis.

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Dust Battlefield Army List: Axis “The Scavengers” (125 pts)


This entry is a bit of a vanity post of my current favorite army list for Dust Battlefield.  However, I will also use it to go over some of my thinking behind my strategy.  The first this I need to say is my gaming group likes playing at 125 points which is pretty close to the same amount of units that you could get in Dust Warfare more or less.  I find the average falls somewhere around ten units.

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Unit Inspection: Axis Sturmpioniere

The Sturmpioniere are composed a zealous squad of soldiers that understand that the Axis, and humanity in general, will need to go to not only survive but achieve victory.  These soldiers know many of the secret super science experiential that have been conducted deep in the hidden laboratories even the darker more abominable ones.  Yet, these officers choose to serve by leading these wonders of Axis engineering as well as horrors of mad science.  Some speculate that it is indeed this very knowledge that makes the Sturmpioniere seemingly so unhinged to charge in with a pack of zombies and apes.

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Battle Report: 200 pt SSU Koshka/Yana vs Axis Zombies/Wotan

The Armies:

The SiSSU insigniano-Soviet Union

Me,  Defense Platoon: Medvedi, Fakyeli, Frontoviki, Ohotniki, Natalya, Nabludatyel, Koshka with Grand’Ma, and Red Yana (piloting the Natalya)

The Aaxis_smallxis

Blutkreutz Platoon: Sturmpioniere, Braineaters, Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Zombies x2, Sniper Team, Heavy Wotan (55 AP), Grenadier X (attached one the Zombie squads)

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