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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: SSU Super Heavy Tank “Lavrentiy Beria” and “Karl Marx”

Since the early days of the war, the Soviets have been known for their outstanding tank designs.  Following the same linage of the T-34 and more directly IS-2, the IS-48 is a monument to Soviet utilitarian engineering and design.  These tanks are still a match against the more advanced super heavy walkers of the Allies and Axis.

In this article I will review the stats and skills, roles and tactics, the platoon, and my thoughts and opinions on the Lavrentiy Beria as well as the Karl Marx.

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Dust Battlefield Unit Assessment: Axis Konigsluther and Sturmluther

Technically, the Allies Heavy Assault Walkers are bigger, but I always consider the Axis Schwerer Panzerkampflaufers to be the monsters of Dust.  Hands down there is no other gun my find more visually intimidating that the Konigsluther’s 12.8 centimeter FPKZW.  Even the Sturmkonig appears to be armed with 4 heavy guns that wouldn’t look out of place as the main cannon on a heavy battle tank.  Sometimes looks can be deceiving.  This article will cover the Axis’s Vehicle 7 (V7) units including some of the basic stats of each, some roles and tacks, as well as; my opinions of these walking terrors.

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Unit Inspection: Axis Heavy Panzer Walker “Konigsluther” and “Sturmkonig”

An absolute marvel of Axis technology and a pinnacle of their mastery of the field of engineering and VK, the mighty Heavy Panzer Walker fills the forces opposing this bloc with pure terror from each earth trembling step of this behemoth machine.  The Konigsluther is the Axis’s largest anti-armor weapon to date with the single most powerful weapon is Dust Warfare.  The other version of the monster vehicle is the Sturmkonig.  An equally impressive anti-air force unto itself.

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Unit Inspection: Allies M6 Series Heavy Assault Walker

This is the largest, most heavily armor vehicle the Allies have in their inventory to date.  It is an absolute behemoth taking up more space on the battlefield than any other unit in Dust so far.  When one of these might vehicles takes a single step with one of its six legs the ground quivers.  When one is air dropped onto the battlefield, it is like an earthquake spreading terror in the hearts of the enemy.  The M6 Series Heavy Walkers are a triumph of Allies engineering and pragmatism of bigger is better.

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Unit Inspection: SSU IS-48 Super Heavy Tank

The SSU may not have the same technological advances of either the Allies or the Axis blocs, especially when manufacturing huge, heavy armored vehicles.  They have not perfected walkers to bear the required weight of such powerful weapons of war.  Instead, the red bloc continues to produce tried and true tracked vehicles such as the IS-48 Super Heavy Tank.  What it lacks in mobility, it makes up for in durability and firepower.

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Unit Inpection: SSU IS-5 Heavy Tank

Left to Right: Vladimir Lenin, Lavarentiy Beria, and Mao Zedong

The IS-5 Heavy Tank is the latest iteration of the famed Soviet line of armor.  It design was to include a deeper mounting platform that the previous IS-3 tanks could provide for the newer SSU weaponry.  This resulted in a higher profile and boxy appearance to support the recoil of the larger, more powerful weapons the frame had custom designed for.  The IS-5 Heavy Tank has two basic models: the anti-aircraft IS-5A “Mao Zedong” and over-sized mortar platform of the IS-5B “Vladimir Lenin.”

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Battle Report: 300 pt SSU Heavy Armor vs Allies Heavy Armor

The Armies:

SSU insignia

Red Command
Red Thunder x2 (I had to proxy a Red Storm as one of them)
The Fonvizin (blobbed Red Thunder)
Mao Zedong
Lavrentiy Beria
Red Fury
Ride of the Valkyries

Allies ensigna small

The Boss
Death Dealers
The Hammers
Tank Busters
Rhino (attached to Hammers)
Air Drop

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